What is the ASC Project?

The Advice and Settlement Counsel (ASC) is a pilot project developed in consultation and cooperation with the Toronto Superior Court of Justice Family Bench and Bar Committee, the Judiciary and Court Services.

The program benefitted from seed funding from the Family Law Limited Scope Services (FLLSS) Project.

The ASC program provides family lawyers who can provide you with summary legal advice.

The program’s goal is to help self-represented litigants in the following ways:

  • Attending motions;
  • Attending court conferences;
  • Assisting you to negotiate consents when both parties are present;
  • Providing summary advice when you are not at court about an upcoming court conference or motion, including advice about potential settlements, drafting settlement terms offers, and court protocols;
  • Providing summary advice when you have negotiated a consent at a prior DRO session, mediation, court conference or motion;
  • Providing summary advice (and coaching about next steps) when you have an upcoming court attendance or when you want to commence or respond to a case;
  • Preparing “to do” lists so that you understand what steps need to be taken next.

View our Calendar to see the lawyers who are available on each day as well as their contact information.

While financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario and the Family Law Limited Scope Services Project, ASC Toronto is solely responsible for all original content on this website.

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