Getting Started

You have taken the first step and you need help.  Great!  We are here for you.

Step 1: Check out the Calendar and find out who is on shift today.

Step 2: Complete the Law Society of Ontario Verification of Identity Form and email it to the ASC Panel Lawyer you want to meet with, along with your driver’s license or passport picture and the name of the party on the other side, so that the lawyer can do a conflict check.

Step 3: When the ASC Panel Lawyer writes back to you and confirms there is no conflict, complete page 1 of the Family Litigant and Consent Form and send it to the Lawyer, along with the Credit Card Authorization if you want to pay by credit card.  If you want to pay by eTransfer, go ahead and send the eTransfer to the ASC Panel Lawyer – they won’t accept the transfer until the end of your meeting.

Step 4: Wait for the ASC Panel Lawyer to send you a Zoom link for your meeting (if Zoom doesn’t work for you let the Lawyer know – we can be creative!)

Step 5: The first few minutes of your meeting will be spent reviewing the Client’s Acknowledgement and Agreement for Summary Legal Counsel Services which we will then ask you to send back.

Step 6: We’ll have our meeting with you and help you with any family law issues you want help with.  At the end of the hour, your credit card will be processed/eTransfer deposited and you will receive an invoice and receipt confirming payment.  You will also receive page two of the Client and Appearance Information Form summarizing the assistance provided and recommended next steps.  That will be the end of our assistance with your family law case, unless you and the Lawyer agree otherwise in writing.

Tech tip: All of our forms are Adobe fillable.  We suggest you click on the download button on the top right of the screen, download the forms, complete and save them to your desktop or tablet.  Then you can email them to the ASC Lawyer.